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  • EXHIBITION: Rubbed Smooth opens on Oct 27th at ESXLA

    East Side International is pleased to present Rubbed Smooth, an exhibition about the complete transformation of surface through repeated touch and exposure. Katherine Aungier, Stef Halmos, Chyrum Lambert, Maysha Mohamedi and Maureen St. Vincent present painting and sculpture resulting from prolonged and sustained physical contact with materials. Their touch can be read as: soft, hard, safe, degrading, skilled, novice, comfort-enhancing, rough, easy, pensive, compulsive and methodical. The textures present in the artwork - both physical and implied - offer a visceral invitation to engage beyond the confines of verbal language. In a world where people just don’t have time to sunbathe anymore, Rubbed Smooth is a visual environment that is fast and slow-absorbing over time.