• PROJECT: Gorbeh Poster, 2017

    Gorbeh Poster
    3-color Risograph print
    11 x 17 inches

    Printed by Colpa Press

    Gorbeh Poster is a limited edition 3-color risograph print featuring the outline of Iran, which resembles the shape of a sitting cat. English and Farsi texts drawn by Mohamedi’s mother and eldest son are transcribed into the original drawing. The remaining text at the bottom right is in the font style "Arabian One Night Stand." 

    Posters are availabe for sale directly from the artist: maysha [at]

  • EXHIBITION: "ME" opens at Nous Tous Gallery in Chinatown LA on 4/8/17

    Nous Tous Gallery
    454B Jung Jing Rd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Opening Reception: Saturday April 8, 7-10 PM

    In contemporary culture the ability to express oneself via the internet has allowed for people to be in charge of telling their‭ ‬own stories‭. ‬This show will be comprised of six to twelve artists‭, ‬who have each uniquely addressed intersectional feminist issues by expressing the personal in their work‭.  ‬Through use of self-portraits‭, ‬autobiography‭, ‬and self-expression these artists have attempted to construct their own identity‭. ‬

    Understanding that self-presentation can produce a new or mirrored self outside of the existing self of the artist when introduced‭ ‬to an audience‭, ‬the artwork often takes on a meta quality thus making it playful and open for new paths of consideration‭. ‬The work is an attempt to gain control of how they are perceived by others, which often empowers these female artists‭. ‬

    The main aim of the show is to open up dialogue within local and global communities about ways historically marginalized people‭ ‬can dissolve traditional and oppressive roles of gender‭, ‬race‭, ‬and sexual orientation and imagine their identity outside of our‭ ‬white-supremacist capitalist patriarchal society‭. ‬

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    "Maysha Mohamedi’s Christmas Beetle Pleasure Dome is a perfect example of when less truly is more. Using just a few colors and a significantly minimal amount of paint compared to her large canvas surface, Mohamedi shows off an innate ability to take up space in the most non-invasive way. A few motion-filled strokes and shapes give the piece a melancholic sensibility." - Amy Young

  • EXHIBITION: Abstraction in the Singular at Bentley Gallery

    A survey of West Coast and Arizona non-representational painters.
    Abstraction in the Singular 

    Curated by Dr. Grant Vetter
    VIP Preview & Artist Talk, Today - Friday, February 17 at 5pm
    Followed by the Exhibition Opening from 6-9pm

    Abstraction in the Singular includes more than sixty works from California and Arizona. While the show will be up through Art Detour weekend and the rest of March at both Bentley Gallery and Fine Art Complex 1101*, this Friday is a unique opportunity to speak with a number of artists from the exhibition, including Bill Dambrova, Layne David, Rachel Goodwin, Mark Pomilio, and Travis Rice. We will be discussing key issues in abstraction that include commodification, spirituality, materiality, and the current state of art criticism in the field of non-representational painting.

    * FAC1101 is a Contemporary Center for the Arts located in Tempe, AZ. It is a non-profit art institution offering space for contemporary art exhibits, programming, curation, research and other art-related services.
    Maysha Mohamedi, Whose Billabong, 2017, oil on linen, 29 by 35 inches

    About the Exhibition

    Abstraction in the Singular is a survey of painters from the West Coast and Arizona that have had an impact on how we think about the genre of abstract art. Running counter to the New York aesthetic of what Jerry Saltz recently termed “Zombie Formalism,” we can say there is no way to lump the divergent practices of the painters that are included in Abstraction in the Singular into a particular school, trend, or ethos. By using the gestural and the geometric, the atmospheric and the iconic, the theoretical and the pleasurable in any number of hybrid ways, the artists in this survey challenge how we think about non-objective imagery as an integral set of pictorial relations. In other words, the painters included in this show ask us to engage with how the indexical quality of abstract art is intimately tied to a language of touch, tempo and transposition. Such singular qualities characterize the very best of what abstract painting has to offer us today by building on the achievements of a genre that has kept art goers captivated for well over a century.  - Grant Vetter
    ARTISTS: Jonathan Apgar, Bill Dambrova, Layne David, Tom Dunn, Kent Familton, Yvette Gellis, Rema Ghuloum, Rachel Goodwin, Audra Graziano, Jenny Hagar, Dion Johnson, Michael Kindred Knight, Christopher Kuhn, David Michael Lee, Michelle Jane Lee, Joe Lloyd, John Mills, Maysha Mohamedi, Ian Pines, Mark Pomilio, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Bryan Ricci, Travis Rice, Nano Rubio, David Spanbock, Marie Thibeault, Samantha Thomas, Chris Trueman
  • EXHIBITION: The 8th Dimension, Maysha Mohamedi & Julia Haft-Candell

    The 8th Dimension: an exhibition featuring work by painter Maysha Mohamedi and ceramic sculptor Julia Haft-Candell.

    Opening Reception: Friday February 17th, from 6-8 pm
    Interface Gallery
    486b 49th Street
    Oakland, 94609

    Mohamedi will present a diptych that spans a large wall in the gallery and Haft-Candell will present large floor works in dialogue with Mohamedi's painting.

    Both artists employ playful abstract shapes and colorful layers of paint or glaze and gestural marks. Their work engages the body with its scale and shares a performative quality –found in the spontaneous process of Mohamedi, whose body is physically engaged as she moves around the canvas and Haft-Candell's works, which are arranged on the floor, creating relationships with one another like characters on a stage.

    Furthering the connection between their work for this show, Mohamedi, who often uses hand-made tools, has taken broken ceramic pieces from Haft-Candell's "parts" drawers to make marks on her painting.  These paint dipped pieces will be presented as part of the installation.

    The title The 8th Dimension refers to the way the artists enjoy imagining new dimensions and how their work seeks to pull the viewer into other dimensions of experiencing.  Additionally, the number eight is a curving, elegant shape that might also be seen as iterative, like the recurring gestures and forms in the artists' work.

  • The Converation Art Podcast: Ep. #178 Maysha Mohamedi

    Click image below to listen to podcast:

    "L.A.-based artist and recent S.F. resident Maysha Mohamedi talks about:

    What she likes to listen to in the studio (over and over) while she's working on a body of paintings; her time in SF, where she started her art career, met her husband and had two kids before leaving for L.A. (where she's been since August '16); her switch from a PhD in neuroscience at UC Davis to art; her aversion to critical conversations about her work, which started in grad school and didn't end until after she was showing; we have a long exchange about abstraction (mostly thanks to my taking so long to ask the question I wanted to ask), and she clearly articulates her objective- of getting her viewers to feel emotions, to be moved,when they see her work—and she uses the analogy of music, specifically Nina Simone, that she aspires to move her viewers the way Nina Simone's music moves her; how her parents have been supportive of her as an artist in their own ways, such as her dad making a custom studio-sitting bench for her; her origin story of when she decided to become a mother, something she's 'always' wanted to do, and why; she weighs in as a parent on those who aren't parents, and (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) how she'd like to lord her superiority of being a parents over non-parents, for the time-being at least; and she explains how when she's in the studio, the only thing she's thinking about his her work—no exceptions." - Michael Shaw